Businesses are increasingly investing in converting their lighting  

From incandescent bulbs and fluorescent tubes to LED. While the upfront cost for LED is higher, you will recoup this spend within a couple of years. 
Some LEDs can last twenty years (or even longer) with average use before they begin to dim, unlike incandescents which typically have a two year life. LEDs also experience more of a gradual decline than the sudden burnout experienced with incandescents. 
By swapping out only one incandescent bulb with an LED, you’ll reduce the amount of energy consumption by 70-90%. When entire floors of a building are switched, this brings significant cost-savings relating to maintenance costs for replacing bulbs as well as energy costs. 

Request an LED conversion cost-savings report  

We can refurbish entire buildings from compact fluorescent and incandescent lighting to LED lighting. Before committing to make the switch to LED, we can provide a cost-savings report alongside your quote to help in your decision making. 
The cost-savings report will provide projections on current energy costs for lighting and what the savings from switching to LED will be. If you decide to go ahead, we are able to carry out your entire lighting refurbishment. 
We also undertake carpark lighting refurbishments for our clients which can be converted to LED. 

LED lighting benefits and options  

LED lighting is directional, allowing you can better focus the light where it’s needed. LEDs also come in a range of light colour temperatures from warmer, yellow light to cooler, blue light. 
We can help you to choose the best type of LED lighting for your premises. Brighter light may work well in an office while a warehouse or factory may need to be chosen to reduce glare, especially if staff are looking upwards. 

Contact us for a free, competitive quote    

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